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Monday, 5 March 2012

Did I shave my legs for this?

On Friday I had to leave my comfort zone.  We were just hanging out, preparing to celebrate the boy's13th birthday and deciding which restaurant he might enjoy most.  It was then that it happened...The Spontaneous Idea.  "Why not, " my spontaneous husband said, "go to the mineral spa in Moose Jaw tomorrow? We have no plans for the weekend."  What??  Wait, wait, wait justacottonpickinminute!   We cannot just up and go to Moose Jaw.  That constitutes an Out of Town Trip. That would be irresponsible and irrational.  I had no Advanced Notice.  A quick look at my daytimer told me that tomorrow was the NEXT DAY.  Not nearly enough time for me to make friends with this Spontaneous Idea.  These are the kinds of things that send Planners, such as myself, careening toward the Saran Wrap drawer in a frenzied search for a paper bag to breathe into. (p.s. you can't really find good paper bags anymore and plastic is not a reasonable substitute)

You see, any number of things can go wrong when you don't plan for something. People who don't plan end up paying $3 for a bottle of water, for example. You have to set aside enough time before the event to worry about the things that can go wrong.  If you don't put in enough worry time, you can be held responsible for all these dreaded things that are sure to happen.   If you've already worried about them, you can sigh a knowing sigh and say, I was worried that would happen....then you're covered.  It's kind of like insurance. 

Well, I took a deep breath and thought, ok... I can be Spontaneous Sally. A soak in the mineral spa would be a great way to spend the weekend.  After all, this qualified as a Leg Shaving Event, so it was all rather exciting.  --Growing up in remote, northern (to some) Saskatchewan, you didn't get many Leg Shaving Events in the winter.  We didn't find there was much point to pulling out our Daisies for just anything.--  Seriously though, for those getting a bad visual, I do try to keep up the leg shaving maintenance in the winter, on account of that time I was trying on a dress in a change room and it got stuck over my head.  Mortification set in when I realized I was probably going to have to call in the 17 year old sales clerk to help me remove it, revealing my hairy legs and my laundry day underwear.  She would certainly take a photo on her smart phone and text it to all of her friends!  Gah!  Thankfully, tugging and spinning around in a hundred circles seemed to work, and I managed to extricate myself from the offending item on my own. Bullet dodged, but...I would learn that shopping for dresses is also a Leg Shaving Event. 

What? Where am I?  Oh, okay.  After Sergeant Major Mom finished barking her packing orders, off we went. Good for us! This would be A Lot Of Fun.  In the very brief amount of worry time I was allowed, I worried about everyone packing a bathing suit.  Darn it, this would not be like the time when the kids were little, and in a sleep-deprived haze, I packed all 4 bags for a weekend at the waterslides.  I recall arriving at the hotel, getting the kids changed and voila! pulling my bathing suit top and a (sort of) matching pair of underwear out of my suitcase.  Fail.

No siree, two bathing suits per family member packed and accounted for.  The weather was great, as were the onion rings from the Dub in Davidson.  We arrived early, got an early check in (score!), and things went very well.  All in all, it was a fun trip with a lot of laughs.  We ate great junk, we soaked, we shopped, we had dinner at Nit's Thai Food (I'm not even kidding). We made it home safe and sound.  On Sunday morning, I lamented that I hadn't had time to at least bake some muffins for a quick breakfast snack in the room. My husband told me that if he hadn't taken control of the situation, we would still be at home waiting for me to finish baking muffins and photocopying the kid's passports (just in case).

Turns out, what I should have been worried about was what I would see at the mineral pool.  Apparently the man-boobed, middle-aged men did not realize....this trip qualified as a Back Shaving Event.


  1. Oh this is too funny Tracy! I hear you about keeping the legs shaved, just in case. About 15 years ago I neglected this ritual in winter and ended up an emergency clinic with one of my "imaginary heart attacks." And since they actually took me seriously, they did an EKG, where they hooked up electrodes to my 1/2 inch ankle hair! (not an exaggeration...it really can get that long) I'm still mortified. So is the technician.

    Glad your trip went well!

  2. Bahaha! More leg shaving horror stories, please!


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