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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentimes Day

Remember when we were kids and there were always those people who pronounced it "Valentimes Day"?  You would spend hours punching out those perforated valentines out of books and the damn things would rip.  (So you would give the ripped ones to the kids you didn't like.)  Don't lie to me!  You ranked your valentines like everyone else! 

You'd go home and count your valentines and keep them in a dusty paper bag under your bed until your mom freaked out and cleaned up your room and threw them out??  Just me?  Ok....

So today, I got half a ziplock bag full of cinnamon hearts from one of my seniors at work. I put them in a bowl on my desk.  Seniors love candy. Especially peppermints.  When there are only a few left, maybe I'll have them analyzed to see if there are traces of urine on them....but that's for another day.

When my husband came home from work, he brought a bottle of wine.  He uncorked it, poured me a glass and said "Cheers!  Happy Anniversary."   Apparently there are too many days with cause to celebrate in the time span of one year.  He gets them mixed up.

All in all, love is a good thing.  I'm glad I have a family to love, nutty as we are.  I don't need a box of assorted chocolates.  I'll just lose the map and have to poke at them mercilessly to avoid biting into 'strawberry delight'.  Really.  It's better this way.


  1. Er...I'll have the candies analyzed, not the seniors. There were no seniors harmed in the making of this blog.

  2. mmm, strawberry delight ;)

  3. Oh, you would, Marsha...you would.


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