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Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter Then & Now

I just finished the strange Easter ritual of hiding things throughout the house for my children to find.  Despite my cynicism, I'm excited and happy that I still have kids at home to celebrate with, even if they are now Teenagers.  Frankly, I'm relieved the days are over where I have to pretend there is such thing as a globe trotting magical rabbit that deposits all manner of things chocolate while my children sleep.

My Easter treats are often fairly non-traditional anyway.  I'm one of those mean moms who doesn't give in to my kids requests for Fruit Loops and Pop Tarts throughout the year. So instead of gigantic chocolate eggs with three Smarties inside them, my kids get 'fun' grocery items in their Easter baskets.  Yes, at Easter I have a temporary change of heart, and carefully select an assortment of processed foods just for them. I will admit, it's difficult to hide a family sized box of Corn Pops when you are travelling to Grandma & Grandpa's for Easter weekend.  As well, I had a good laugh to myself as I noted the grocery store cashier's reaction when she rang the three items I laid on the counter: a very expensive prime rib roast (Easter dinner) and two cans of Sponge Bob spagetti-os ('fun' grocery items).

Warning: This is the part where I begin to gripe about 'kids these days' and talk about the olden days.

Really, though, there isn't one darn thing I can think of that would be exciting to kids nowadays. One candy filled holiday blends into the next, so really, the only surprise is the dental bills.  They've had it all.  During a recent holiday discussion, someone told me that one of the children in their extended family was receiving a large, expensive dollhouse for Easter.  Wha??  Does anyone else find this disturbing?  I think the Easter Bunny is going to have to start delivering iphones and Mustangs to make any sort of impact. 

When we were kids, treats, were just that, TREATS!  Candy really didn't exist in our house when I was growing up except for a few times a year.  "You want something sweet? Here's some raisins... Stay out of the chocolate chips!  They're for baking!"  Remember that first big surprise when a knowing sibling tricked you into biting into a nasty unsweetened Baker's Chocolate square?  We were desperate! Even the chocolate Ex-lax in grandma's bathroom cabinet would start to beckon after a lengthy period of candy deficiency... (Weirdest Product Ever Award!)

Treats certainly have changed over the years. I remember when we would get one chocolate Easter bunny...Hollow...Always hidden in the same place...The china cabinet.  Sometimes it was a waxy chocolate substitute that tasted a lot like the box. (I don't know where the Lindt people were back in the 70s but they sure weren't selling their premium chocolate in rural Saskatchewan). One year stands out in my mind. My Mom must have kicked out all the stops and shopped at the PA Woolco because I got one of those chocolate eggs that had my name written on it in shaky white icing. I nearly turned myself inside out with excitement.  It was all we needed! Sometimes there would be extra treats from other family members like those big, brightly colored egg shaped candies that no one would touch...They resembled enormous gag-inducing jelly beans.  Mmmm... I leave you with a photo of them. Hopefully, it will help you recall your own Easter memories.  Right now, I'm off to steal a Pop Tart!  Happy Easter!